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The four key areas often discussed in terms of diamonds are known as the four Cs.

Dont feel too "dazzled" by the science, as Christopher Stoner himself is here to help you choose the perfect diamond for your individual piece of jewellery using his extensive diamond knowledge.

Diamonds - Cut

The cut is probably the most important feature of your diamond as it is this which determines how well your diamond captures and refracts light, giving it the all-important sparkle-factor.

Of all the 4 Cs, the cut is the aspect that is directly influenced by man.

The cut also refers to the shape of the diamond. Probably the most well known and popular cut is the 'Round Brilliant'. Other popular cuts include Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Oval and Asscher and all are perfect for engagement rings.

Diamonds - Clarity

Clarity describes the purity of a diamond.

Every diamond is different in its clarity and as the diamond is formed in the ground, other minerals or crystals can sometimes be present, which disturbs the refraction of light through the stone, affecting the sparkle of the stone.

Diamonds - Carat

The carat is the weight of the diamond and not the size, which is a common misconception.

Another misconception is that the bigger the carat, the better. A small but well-cut colourless diamond, with flawless clarity will be far more sparkly and certainly more valuable than a much larger stone which has visible impurities and a yellowish colour.

Diamonds - Colour

Diamonds come in a range of colours from D, (colourless) to Z (tinted). There is no A, B or C and it is widely believed that the grading starts at D as it stands for Diamond.

A “D” coloured diamond is therefore the best “colour” you can get.

Christopher Stoner only uses the finest D or E coloured diamonds in our exclusive in-house collections.