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Sell Your Jewellery

Would you like to receive the maximum value for your jewellery? If so, selling your jewellery on commission at Christopher Stoner's is the perfect solution.

What does it mean to sell your jewellery on commission?

Simply, we sell your jewellery on your behalf in our sumptuous Harrogate boutique. Let us do the hard work and provide you with the best price possible for your jewellery. If you approach a jeweller directly to buy your items you will usually be a offered a considerably lower price than if you sold your items on a commission basis.

How do you sell your jewellery on commission?

  1. Make an appointment to see a specialist at Christopher Stoner's to discuss selling your items on commission
  2. Your items will then be assessed by Christopher Stoner
  3. You set the price you wish to receive from the sale of your jewellery
  4. A commission agreement is put into place
  5. Your items will be professionally photographed and added to our website
  6. Every week you will contacted with an update on the progress of the sale of your jewellery
  7. Your jewellery will be included in our weekly emails sent to our extensive client database
  8. Once your item has been sold you will be contacted and you will receive your money by cheque or bank transfer.

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