A Design To Mend A Broken Heart

Bombe style ring in platinum and 18ct gold

Many jewellers offer a bespoke service...

You know this. Of course you do. It’s advertised on their websites and on their rusty A-boards that trip you up as you negotiate the high street.

…. What may come as a surprise is that many of them don’t have a clue what they're doing!

THE heart-break

My client had a ring designed and created at a high street jewellers that advertised a bespoke design service. She loved the bubble-style rings she'd seen online (see one of my own designs here) and asked for a version to be created with diamonds and emeralds.

The result was, without any exaggeration, a dog of a piece.

There was no balance or thought behind the design. The gemstones were dull and poor quality and the actual ring was poorly put together.

My client paid a lot of money for something she hated and never wore. 

She was heart-broken and disillusioned by the whole experience.

"Can you do anything with it?" she asked me.


I took the ring and spent some time measuring the different gemstones and putting some ideas together for her. The emeralds were lifeless and dull, so I sent them off to a specialist company to see if they could be re polished. Unfortunately, they couldn't. They were simply too poor quality. 

I tried a few different bubble-style designs, but also threw in something completely different. A bombe-style ring that would use all her diamonds up and require the addition of a blue diamond as the central gemstone.

She loved it.

Created in platinum and 18ct yellow gold the final ring is stunning and incredibly unusual. That is what my client loves about it.

and, what does she say?

"I wanted something a little different and WOW! This piece is definitely that. I love it! Chris is so personable and makes everything, from start to finish, so special. He is truly brilliant at what he does. Thank you so very much."

Happy client = happy Christopher

bombe style ring