A Ring with Big Shoulders

Final Alternative 2.3.jpg

This Was A Design That Required Big Shoulders. Proverbial Ones.....

Mine and the ring's.


My client had been married for 25 years. After building a successful business, her old engagement ring no longer cut the mustard.

She and her husband decided to replace it with something big and impressive. A ring to represent all they had achieved together; their family, their marriage and their business. 

No pressure then!


My client had tried a number of large diamond rings on in different retail stores. She had got herself muddled by all the technical jargon and was struggling to compare one diamond with another.

My shoulders and I sprung into action. My first task was to scour all the available diamonds on the worldwide diamond market. The key was to eek out every single penny of her budget and translate that into brilliance and sparkle. After a tough search and some even tougher negotiating, I knew I could guarantee her both better quality and better value for money than anything she had found, or would ever find, on the high street.

I found her the perfect diamond in New York. The very best diamond in the world at that time. It ticked all the boxes in terms of size, quality, measurements, beauty and sparkle. A diamond simply too good to ever be put into a piece of high street jewellery.

Its shoulders were big enough.

The design work began.

The final design we kept classically elegant: A 4-claw setting open to the sides with a pretty cross-over to the underside. All created in platinum.

AND? ......

It is a stunning, world-class ring which shoulders its responsibilities beautifully. A representation of love, achievement and success. And most importantly?

My client adores it.

3ct diamond engagement ring