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Christopher comes from a family of jewellers. He spent his childhood watching his father's goldsmiths turn precious metal and gemstones into works of art.

Chris now works with individual clients creating exquisite, tailor-made jewellery. Superior jewellery in every way. 

Chris only works with a handful of clients at any one time. This enables him to dedicate the time and effort required to perfect each piece.

All diamonds and gemstones are meticulously hand-selected for each creation. Beauty and brilliance being the most important factors. 

With clients ranging from business owners, to sportsmen and celebrities, Chris offers his clients an alternative for when good is just not good enough.

Based in Harrogate, Chris works by appointment meeting clients throughout the UK and Europe. 

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"To create you a piece of jewellery, more beautiful than you could have imagined. A piece of jewellery you will be proud to bequeath to future generations."

by appointment