About us

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family is the linchpin on which our world revolves

Jewellery is ultimately about so much more than diamonds, precious gemstones and precious metals. Jewellery is a representation of love, hope, a memory or a moment in time. It is, more often than not, about family.

For a long time, we tried to compete with the flashy retail stores and wow customers with all the extras; so the champagne, the glitzy diamond showroom, the events, the sponsorship ….

We are trying our best to raise our three children to be the best they can possibly be and to never pretend to be anything other than themselves - because they are and always will be enough.

We then looked in the mirror and realised we were not living what we were teaching.

So, we no longer try and wow you with glitz, glamour and things that are simply not us. We instead wow you with our jewellery and have fun along the way. Relaxing the facade, however, does not mean the jewellery is any less than it ever was. My innate perfectionism would not allow for it and when it comes to my jewellery creations, there is no room for average. Together, Sarah and I strive and achieve perfection with every single commission.

That is why every piece I design and create comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We are like the secret family run restaurant you go to on holiday. Away from the tourists. Informal. Spectacular and authentic food cooked by the owner. Locally sourced wine that tastes like heaven in a glass. Where you are treated like family. Where they have no interest in Michelin Stars.

We look forward to meeting you,

Chris & Sarah


My Credentials

When I was young my dad became the owner of a large jewellery workshop in Bradford. At one time, 20 guys were creating and repairing jewellery at the bench.

I spent hours in that workshop. A jewellery workshop has all your senses tingling. It was a magical place for a young boy. I can be right there now again - a certain smell, or sound can transport me right back.  

Whilst I grew up around jewellery, I didn't intend to become a jeweller. By the time I finished university, the family business now included two retail stores. Dad asked if I could help out, “until you decide what you want to do,” he said. 

I joined and immediately loved the work. I got my diamond grading qualifications and spent time learning the ropes on the bench. The store I ran became a drop-in centre. All kinds of waifs and strays would call in for a chat and a coffee. We made friends with everybody. I learnt all aspects of jewellery design and worked with a great team of people.

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Going Solo with Bespoke Jewellery Design

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The work I always enjoyed the most was creating bespoke pieces of jewellery for clients. It was challenging and complicated. For me though this was important work. I'd experienced how emotionally attached clients became to a piece of jewellery made just for them. So, when the time came for me to follow my own path, this is what I set out to do. 

Nearly 15 years on and I absolutely believe the unique jewellery I create is superior in every sense to mass-produced high street jewellery. A tailor-made piece of jewellery has far more intrinsic value. Jewellery this special is weighted with extra sentiment.  

Thanks to technology and experience, I am now able to guarantee that commissioning a unique piece of jewellery is totally risk-free. Without doubt it is the most interesting and exciting way to purchase jewellery. 

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