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When I was very young my dad became the owner of a large jewellery workshop in Bradford. At one time 20 guys were working at benches creating and repairing jewellery.

I used to spend hours in the workshop. My mum used to put me on the bus and tell the driver where I needed to get off. My dad would meet me and take me to the workshop. Whilst he worked I used to watch and listen.

A jewellery workshop has all your senses tingling. I remember it vividly. It was a magical place for a young boy. I can be right there now again as I write this.    

Whilst I grew up around jewellery, I didn't intend to become a jeweller. However, by the time I finished university the family business included two retail stores. Dad asked if I could help out, 'until you decide what you want to do' he said. 

I joined and immediately loved the work. I was not a 'natural' but I enjoyed working in the store and dealing with people. Our store became a drop in centre. It was brilliant. All kinds of waifs and strays would call in for a chat and a coffee. We made friends with everybody. I worked with a great team of people.

Things change though. People move on. I also had an ambition to try something by myself.  

The aspect of my work I enjoyed the most was creating bespoke pieces of jewellery. It was challenging and complicated, but for me this was important work. So many times I'd experienced the effect an important and unique piece of jewellery had on both the giver, and the recipient. 

If I was going to start a business, I wanted to do work I could be passionate about.

Nearly 15 years since then and I still love what I do. I believe more than ever the unique jewellery I create is superior to mass-produced high street jewellery. I know a tailor-made piece of jewellery has far more intrinsic value. Jewellery this special is weighted with extra sentiment. 

Thanks to technology and my experience, I guarantee creating a unique piece of jewellery is both simple and risk-free. It is the most interesting and exciting way to purchase jewellery. 

I'd love to help create your perfect piece of jewellery, why not get in touch?

Chris - July 2018

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