diamond pendant from old bracelet
Diamond Pendant 18ct white gold

Transforming an Unworn Diamond Bracelet

This project was an interesting one; our client saw a pendant design she loved whilst on holiday and brought in an old diamond bracelet she hadn't worn in years, along with a few other small pieces of diamond jewellery that were just gathering dust and asked us if we could create a pendant just like that for her.

Using the diamonds from the bracelet was fairly simple, as they were all similar sizes, but incorporating other different quality and different sized diamonds was a bit more tricky and getting a balance and symmetry to the design took some doing.

Christopher tweaked the design countless times and eventually got it to the point where not only was he happy with the design and its symmetry, but it was also looked very like the image our client had originally brought in.

Created in 18ct white gold and using all of our clients' diamonds, this was a particularly tricky, yet satisfying design to get right and more importantly, our client was delighted with it.


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