A lot of the time, guys get in touch with me and are unsure of what they want. They've done a bit of research but need help and guidance on finalising the design.

That's fine. It's what I am here for.

However, every so often a client will get in touch and he knows exactly what he wants. Well, almost.

This client knew he wanted an asscher cut diamond. He knew he wanted asscher cut diamonds in the shoulders and her knew he wanted the central diamond to be between 1.50ct and 2.00ct.

His budget was flexible and was dependent upon what spectacular diamonds I could find him.

The diamond was the first task. I scoured the world's diamond market and this was the clear winner; based on my client's personal specifications. It is a 1.66ct, D colour, VS1 asscher-cut diamond with almost perfect symmetry and is stunning.

I created a number of different designs for him and this was the one he chose. A classically beautiful design that shows off the incredible diamond perfectly.

Asscher-cut diamonds can be absolutely stunning, if you choose well. Diamonds like this one are generally not available on the high street - they are of too high a quality to be put into a piece of mass-produced jewellery. 

For exceptional diamonds you need to find a quality, independent jeweller. And.... seek advice from someone you trust before buying.