I was having a conversation with a guy yesterday about diamonds being sold on-line, in particular two companies were mentioned Bluenile and 77diamonds.

There was a lot of talk and worry in my industry when Bluenile launched saying it was going to be end of diamonds being sold in retail stores. The reality is Bluenile have been successful but most diamonds are still sold through high street retail jewellery stores.

What Bluenile have done is open the market up with a vast amount of choice along with substantially lower prices.

The problem for Bluenile however is this - most people do not feel confident enough to buy something as complicated and expensive as a diamond from a website. There is still mistrust of web-based businesses but the key factor is that diamonds are seriously complicated things to buy.

Most people have no idea whether they are buying a good diamond or not, and because the price of diamonds is so opaque people have no idea whether they are getting value for money.

The diamond market is cleverly marketed, intentionally complicated, murky and frequently misleading. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of diamonds. I am fortunate to spend most days working with these incredibly beautiful things. I do however recognise there are fundamental problems with the diamond market.

It is not my job to change the market or solve the problems. I have three children, a puppy and quite honestly, better things to do. 

What I genuinely am trying to do with how I work is bring the best elements of maximum choice and world-class quality together for my clients. I want to offer them a service they can not get anywhere else as well as amazing value for money.

If you or somebody you know is looking to spend a significant amount of money on a diamond or piece of diamond jewellery please get in touch. I will be happy to meet and explain everything in more detail and show you a better way to choose and buy a diamond.