A Service You Might Not Know You Need

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is watching a light switch on behind someone's eyes when they realise how I can help them. When I explain what I can do for them and it suddenly dawns on them that this is a service they need and want ... a service they didn't realise existed. 

Until they are referred to me.

Until I explain how I can redesign their beloved old jewellery.

Until they read my client testimonials.

Until they see examples of my recent designs.

Until they have their first consultation and realise that their treasured piece of jewellery that has been sitting in a drawer can be turned into something they will want to wear and love to wear forever.

It is a special part of what I do. I am privileged to be able to help families preserve and treasure their heirlooms for future generations. Handling pieces of jewellery that have been inherited from previous generations and either are too delicate to be worn safely or are not beautiful by today's standards.

I'm not usually sentimental, but when it comes to old family jewellery - well, it gets me every time.