A World Class Trilogy Ring

A Trilogy Ring: Past Present Future.

This ring was completed as a bespoke commission January 2017. It was by any standards a truly world class piece. There were two things that made this ring stand out:

Firstly the diamonds. 

The central diamond was a 1.55ct F VS2 Excellent Polish, Cut and Symmetry. There was No Florescence, No Brown, Green or Milkiness. The inclusion structure was completely eye clean and the tiny imperfections were well away from the table. It was a Hearts and Arrows diamond of the finest quality given the budget we were working to. 

The two outer diamonds were of exactly the same quality and were a matching pair weighing 0.75ct each with perfect matching measurements. I located the central diamond in Hong Kong and the two outer diamonds were from India. 

The second thing that makes this ring stand out is its design.

Whilst the diamonds were being shipped to me, I worked on the design. My client wanted elegance and simplicity but also some real strength to the ring. The cross over underside to the settings added something extra to the design but the main feature had to be the diamonds.

I spent a huge amount of time finishing the ring to the highest standard. Every angle and every surface was highly polished before setting. The diamonds were set under microscope for accuracy and each of the table facets in the three diamonds were set parallel to each other. The claws were refined yet strong.

The effect once this ring was completed and quality checks performed was spectacular. The brilliance and sparkle from these diamonds combine with the beauty of the ring was breathtaking. My client actually sent me a message saying that even her husband, who isn't interested in jewellery in the slightest, was bowled over with the ring.

This was a ring of a quality that would never be found in a high street jewellery store. Indeed the only way to get something this good is to have it made bespoke.

I promise you it is worth it.