Inheriting Jewellery - What Really Matters

"It's really beautiful," I remarked.

My client was trying on her mother's ring for the first time after I'd re-sized it for her and polished it up, so that it looked like new.

"It is," she smiled. "But, I'd rather have her."

And that is the essence of life isn't it?

We surround ourselves with "things", material objects that we think are going to make us happier and yet when it comes to it, when life shows itself in all its harsh, unfair glory it becomes clear to us all that people are what matter most.

My client had lost her mother and came to see me with her mother's engagement ring. She asked me to re-size it so that she could wear it.

I offered her my deepest sympathies and she put on a very brave face, telling me the standard line that her mother had "had a good innings". But, when all is said and done, it matters not how many years your loved one lived, the pain does not lessen by the number of years lived and does not increase by the number of years stolen from us.

I cannot make my client's mother come back for another Christmas dinner. I cannot make her grief disappear.
I cannot make everything okay.

What I can do is help to keep her memories precious, safe and treasured forever.

Yes, I create some amazing pieces of jewellery for my clients. I use world-class diamonds and precious gemstones. 
But, sometimes, my job is not about the big wow pieces. Sometimes it is about a redesign on an inherited ring or a re-size, so that a treasured piece can be worn and a loved one remembered.

They might not be big jobs, but their importance is huge!