When Quality Doesn't Matter

Dealing with the public is always interesting, it is what makes my job so rewarding. There are times however, when it can be frustrating. 

I had an enquiry from a lady wanting to upgrade her diamond stud earrings. She made an appointment and came to see me last week. The earrings she currently wears are 1ct brilliant cut diamonds set into 18ct white gold, so 2ct in total. 

The diamonds are fine and although they have not been independently assessed as to their quality, I estimated they were H in colour and Si1 clarity, so not great diamonds but probably good show for the money. 

My lady wanted to upgrade the diamonds to 2ct each, so doubling the weight. It was at this point I heard the words that threw me completely...

'I am not bothered about the quality, I just want big diamonds.'

Now, given that she had given me a budget to work to of £20,000, it wasn't like this was a small purchase. It took me a few seconds to gather my thoughts as I wondered what else she would consider spending £20,000 on where quality was unimportant. A car? A holiday? A house extension? Would she not expect quality with these purchases?

It's not the first time, or the last that I have or will be floored by the lack of interest in quality and value for money. I have been doing my job for long enough to realise that you simply cannot win them all. Some people are not bothered about quality, for whatever reason things such as the size of the diamonds or personal issues are at play. 

All I can do is concentrate on helping and doing an excellent job for people who want to save money and are also keen on superb quality. Both boxes can be ticked now.

What's the saying?.... You can't please everyone.

How true.