Tiffany Diamonds - The Price of A Blue Box by Christopher Stoner

I actually really like Tiffany. I think they tell the diamond story as well as any company. Most of what they say of course is nonsense.

The following is taken from their website....

"Tiffany’s legendary engagement rings are meticulously handcrafted by highly skilled artisans. From the moment the diamond is discovered until the design is finished, each ring can take nearly a year to complete."

I read this and thought what the heck are they doing all year? We can all play this game though, I was thinking about the following....

"From the moment the diamond was formed in the earth an engagement ring by Christopher Stoner can take 2.5 billion years to complete."

Nonsense. Don't believe it. Clever and expensive marketing.

Tiffany also produce their own diamond reports in house. As Ricky Gervais once said 'we'd all like to write our own reviews.'

Independent diamond reports (when accurate) are the best way for customers to make a fair comparison on quality.

Are Tiffany's grading standards as high as the GIA - who knows? I'd doubt it.

Don't believe the 'our diamonds are better than yours' nonsense. It is simply not true. Tiffany diamonds do not sparkle anymore than any other comparable diamonds.

Of course there is one significant difference between a Tiffany diamond and a non branded comparable diamond.


Expect to pay at least 25% more for your blue box diamond ring.