Inspired by a Raindance

Every so often someone designs something that becomes iconic: The mini is now a classic, an iconic car, the first of its kind. Cartier designed and created the Love Bangle, which has become a design masterpiece and one that is recognised the world over. The Vespa scooter, once a cheap form of transport in Italy has become a status symbol and a design classic since it launched back in 1946.

In modern jewellery design terms, if I were to pick one design that has become a bit of a classic, it would have to the Boodles' Raindance ring. As a design, it ticks all the boxes - it looks gorgeous and it's extremely wearable (which always helps when you're designing jewellery).

The flexibility with the design means that other jewellers are able to create similar rings with a wide variety of different diamonds. Indeed, I created my first Boodles-inspired Bubble ring a few years ago for a very good client who was looking to have a few rings redesigned into one larger ring.

Since my first Bubble design, I have created numerous pieces of jewellery for clients; some rings, some pendants and some earrings, all inspired by Boodles' iconic Raindance collection.

Just this week a lady and her husband contacted me after seeing a bubble ring on my website. 

The lady tried on a number of bubble ring designs and appeared very emotional. She explained that she looks after her daughter who is in a wheelchair and that her husband had decided that she should have a treat and was deserving of some diamonds. She looked almost embarrassed about it and was quick to show me that she doesn't have any other big rings but she really liked the look of the bubble ring and she particularly loved the rub settings on the diamonds as they would be nice and secure and robust enough for when she was lifting and carrying her daughter.

In the end, she opted for a bubble ring on one solid band with a feature intense blue sapphire. The solid band, she believed would be more robust than a three-strand band, bearing in mind the physicality of her daily life. 

Bespoke Jewellery can be tweaked or completely redesigned to make sure it is not only beautiful but also fit for purpose.

The priority for my client was to ensure she had a ring that was going to suit her lifestyle and because she decided to get a piece created especially for her, I can ensure it is as robust as it needs to be and as beautiful as she deserves.