A Daughter's Story

The Importance of Jewellery - A Daughter's Tale

My wife was given a pretty gold bracelet by her parents when she turned 21. On her 18th, her granny gave her a handmade sterling silver bracelet that she had commissioned a local jeweller to make.


I was reminded of this and her bond with these pieces of jewellery when a mother and daughter asked for my help with a 21st birthday present. They were thinking about a diamond band as a special 21st gift for the daughter: Something classic and timeless for her to keep forever.

They initially called me to just enquire about a Tiffany ring they had seen online. The mother was keen to check how much she would be paying for the Tiffany name, so I asked to see the ring they were talking about and ....well, it went from there.

Diamond rings were tried on, several design ideas were explored and the birthday girl opted for a pretty design with brilliant cut diamonds. It was approximately double the diamond content of the original one she'd seen at Tiffany & Co. on a more substantial platinum band for the exact same price. 

They were delighted.

I was delighted. Not only had I helped a client get a far superior quality ring at a very good price, I had been reminded of the importance of jewellery and the legacy it leaves behind. My wife rarely wears the bracelet her parents gave her for her 21st, but I occasionally catch her taking it out of its box and I can see in her eyes that in that moment she is transported back to that special day. It is a token of their love and will forever hold a special place in her heart. One day, she will pass it on to one of our daughters and she will tell the story of when it was bought for her. Another generation's love will be captured within its pretty, yellow gold links.

Jewellery is so much more than precious gemstones....it represents a person, a memory or a moment in time.

Jewellery is so much more than precious gemstones, precious metal and expert craftsmanship. It is so much more than design and beauty, wealth and status. A piece of jewellery can mean so much because of the moment it represents, the person it is from, or the memory it invokes.

It is a real pleasure to be involved in creating an important piece of jewellery for someone. It is even more special to be witness to their special moment in time. 

That is a true honour and a privilege.

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