The Eternity Ring Story

An Eternity Tale....

We have all heard of an "eternity ring" - but what does it actually mean? What is an eternity ring? What's the difference between an eternity ring and another diamond ring? Is there a difference at all?

A bit of history for you:

It is believed that thousands of years ago cavemen would tie themselves to their mates with a piece of string woven from rushes and grasses as a symbol of their togetherness; their spirits being as one. Now, as much as I love my wife, I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable being tied to her with an old matted weed. But, fast forward a few thousand years when the Egyptians believed that the bond of love could not be broken by death, and where a symbol of love was a circular piece of metal decorated with beads, gemstones and carvings and it suddenly seems bearable!

Fast forward another few thousand years and love, or more importantly, eternal love is celebrated with an unbroken circle of diamonds.

Now then, ladies, is that more like it?

Eternity Rings


In recent years, I have seen people become more imaginative with their eternity ring creations from using a combination of different precious gemstones to circular diamond pendants as an alternative to a ring. Good options if you have a favourite precious gemstone or want to create something completely unique or if you don't like wearing too many rings and a pendant is more your thing. A pendant, like a ring, can be completely unique and elaborately magnificent or a subtle, yet beautiful piece you can wear every day. 

Eternity Pendant


Slightly better than a piece of old grass, don't you think?