Designing Jewellery - A Horsey Tale

Designing Jewellery - A Horsey Tale

Having a piece of jewellery designed is not for everyone. Despite the popularity of bespoke increasing over recent years, there are some people who will just not see the benefit in it. Instead, they want to see something, try it on and walk away with it there and then.

I get it. 

My wife used to be into horses. I pretended for many of my teenage years that I too loved the big smelly beasts just so I could spend time with her. I didn't, but it worked!

The first horse her dad agreed to buy her and her sister was a knackered old thing that was not fit for purpose. But, she had been begging for years and years. Had waited for Father Christmas to leave her a pony at the front door for most of her childhood and had written to Jim'll Fix It on several occasions, asking him to transform her rocking horse into a real pony. I know..... she had a lucky escape!

Her poor father was literally worn down by the constant white noise.

He eventually bowed to the pressure and agreed to his girls getting a pony. He scoured the Yorkshire Post's equestrian section and found a horse within 10 miles that looked about the right height and price.

As complete and utter amateurs when it came to horse-buying, Sarah's dad thought that because the first one they saw had four legs, two ears and seemed to be quite nice, that it would do. 

It did. For a while. Until it tried to kill Sarah and her sister on a daily basis when they tried to bring it in from the paddock. Nasty violent thing.

They soon realised that they had not bought well. My future father-in-law wanted to make a quick purchase. He didn't understand horses and assumed that they were all the same. That any horse would do.

Many of my clients are like that. They think a diamond is a diamond and one is as good as another.


Of course, it's not true with horses or diamonds. If my father in law had spent some more time searching, done a bit of research or asked someone for advice and help, my wife would probably have found a nicer horse. A safer horse.

So, where am I going with my tale of disastrous horse-buying and how on earth does it have anything to do with having a piece of jewellery designed?

Well, I see it. I can see in someone's face and hear it in their voice whether they are a hasty "buy it now" type of person or whether they are ready for the exciting journey of jewellery design and getting the purchase just right.

Maybe a poor purchase is what makes you change from one type of person to another. Sarah and her father both learnt a lot from horse number 1 and were more careful with horse number 2. Though it wasn't until horse number 3 that they struck the jackpot and found a horse that would be with them for almost 20 years until his death from old age. She still misses him today, many years later.

So, if you've ever bought the wrong thing. If you've ever thought you made the wrong decision about a piece of jewellery as you were in a rush or thought it "would do", then it might be the time now to try a different tack, ask for help, do some research and perhaps speak to me about getting your perfect piece of jewellery designed and created for you.

Because, maybe now you deserve Horse Number 3.