Top Tips for A Sparkly Stress-Free Wedding Day

Getting married is no easy feat!

The lists of things to do is seemingly endless: Guest lists to organise; venue to find and book, food to select; vegetarians to identify and sort out; the ceremony to organise; bridesmaids; groomsmen; flower girls; flowers; suits; dresses; shoes; speeches; hairstyles; cars and guest transport or accommodation; gifts for mothers; gifts for the bridesmaids; gifts for the groomsmen; and of course....the rings!

The rings may seem like a fairly insignificant thing in amongst the huge list of things to organise, but in actual fact it is the one thing that will be with you daily as a reminder of your vows and your commitment to one another. Memories will fade, the flowers will die, the dress will hang in the wardrobe and only get a breath of fresh air every few years when you nostalgically take it out of its packaging to stare at its beauty. The rings though, they will be worn every day as a symbol of your ever-lasting love and devotion to each other and your life together.

So, the rings are important, having them on your long checklist and ensuring they are ordered well in advance and then trusted to someone who you can completely and 100% rely on to get them to the ceremony on time and in the right condition is hugely important.

But, they are not the only thing to consider when thinking about wedding jewellery.

Your Engagement Ring

it should be clean!

Your engagement ring needs to be looking fabulous on your wedding day. Make sure you get it to a good jeweller in plenty of time before the big event and have it professionally cleaned and polished so that it looks like new. Then keep it safe and don't wear it until the day of the wedding.

Make sure you check with your jeweller before-hand how long the clean and polish is likely to take and ensure you allow for plenty of time. Don't just guess that it'll take a few days - they may well have a very busy workshop and you may have to wait a week or longer, so don't wing it. Plan it and book it in. 

When you are wearing both your engagement ring and wedding ring together after your ceremony and they are both as beautiful and as sparkly as each other, you will be very glad you took the time to make sure it was done right.

get it on the "right" hand

On the morning of your wedding, wear your engagement ring on your right hand so that your left hand is free to have your wedding ring gently pushed on by your new husband in the ceremony. You don't want to forget and then start fumbling with getting your engagement ring off as you stand at the altar so that your wedding ring can go on. Be prepared, and get it on your right hand in plenty of time.

Once the ceremony has finished, then you can switch your engagement ring back over on to your left hand again and feel pleased as punch as the two rings sit beautifully together, just as you imagined they would.

Your Wedding Jewellery

make sure it is clean and in good condition

Don't leave it until the morning of the wedding to try on Great Aunt Elsie's old pearls. Chances are any old heirlooms might need a little bit of TLC to ensure they are clean and fit for purpose on the day itself.

only wear what suits

Also, make sure the jewellery you have chosen to wear actually suits the rest of your styling on the day. Your dress and whether it has long sleeves, no sleeves, a high neck or plunging neckline will determine what bracelet or necklace (if any), that may suit.

The same goes for earrings, make sure you know what you're doing with your hair and whether earrings are going to compliment your overall look. Sometimes jewellery can be overdone, depending on the style you are going for - fresh flowers or a small diamond-studded tiara can sometimes be more effective than being draped in huge diamonds. I say sometimes it is also lovely to be draped in huge diamonds! Just make sure you have planned it and your look is exactly how you want it to be. There should be no last minute surprises on the day should know what you're wearing and have it cleaned and ready to put on.

Mother's and Mother-In-Law's Jewellery

don't be out-shone

Don't be out-shone by your mother or mother-in-law. They may well have bigger diamonds. They may well have more of them, but they don't have to show them off on your big day.

Make sure your mother and mother-in-law know what you are wearing, or hoping to wear and make sure you have fully approved their outfits and choice of jewellery, or if not you, then there is someone you trust who can subtly tell them if their choice of jewellery is too much for your big day.

No one should out-shine the bride on her big day - not even your mother - and she should understand that. Maybe she can lend you her jewellery instead and enjoy seeing you wear her favourite diamond earrings instead of wearing them herself.



It is tradition to give your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts on the day. There is also a growing trend to buy your bride or bridegroom a gift for them to open on the morning of the wedding. This can all become quite expensive, so make sure if you are buying gifts, they are in your budget and you research what you are buying and from where.


Watches, pendants, earrings, engraved jewellery items or gents' tankards....all these need thinking about properly. If you are wanting items engraved, make sure you choose a reputable jeweller and you have allowed yourself plenty of time to get it done and collected, wrapped and entrusted with someone to take to the wedding venue in plenty of time before the big day.


If you are buying your groom or bride a gift, make sure he or she knows, or at least has an idea that they are going to receive a gift that morning. It ideally, should be something you have discussed. If one of you receives a lovely thoughtful gift and the other doesn't, it could make for an awkward start to married life. Don't trust it to chance - talk about it and agree together whether gifts are important to you and what your budget is going to be.