The Evil Eye

The 'Evil Eye' Pendant

Many of my commissioned bespoke designs are fairly straightforward and are variations of things I have done before; diamond rings and pendants being the most prevalent designs in my back catalogue.

Every so often though, I am asked to design something more peculiar, more extraordinary and it can be quite a challenge. One lady wanted a ring in the shape of an otter (I did it and it was weirdly lovely). One man wanted me to recreate his father's regimental badge from World War II  in a piece of jewellery for his daughter (I did and it was a huge success). All exciting designs and all challenging in their own way.

Another unusual one I did recently was the Evil Eye pendant I created for a client who wanted to give his wife a fabulous, individual and gorgeous gift.

Our client's wife is originally from Iran and many Iranians believe in the "Evil Eye".

If you have never heard of it, it is a belief that someone is able to put a curse on you with their "Evil Eye". So, throughout history and dating back to the time of antiquity, people have worn talismans to ward off the "Evil Eye" which they believe could cause them deep misfortune or injury.

In many cultures we see superstition like this....have you ever knocked on wood for example, or thought that seeing one magpie on its own was a signal of impending doom? My wife will still get someone to slap her hand if she sees a loan magpie, and if she is by herself she will clap her hands together. She believes this small, discreet hand clap will ward off the bad luck coming her way at the sight of one magpie on its own. A superstition she learnt at primary school. 

The "Evil Eye" talisman is simply another form of this kind of superstition, but it has been around in many cultures for thousands of years.

In Iran, the Evil Eye talisman is typically an image of a blue or green eye and so I started with this as the initial design idea. 

After a few different designs were created, this was the approved one. 

It was created using sapphires, aquamarines, diamonds and black diamonds. Set in 18ct white gold and suspended on an 18ct white gold bale and chain.

It was a design I am particularly proud of and a true one-off.

Evil Eye Pendant

The Evil Eye Pendant - created by Christopher Stoner