10 Reasons Why My Jewellery is World-Class


adjective - 'A person, thing, or activity of or among the best in the world'

The jewellery I create is world-class. It's a big statement, I know, especially considering I am a working-class Bradford boy, who showed little sign of aptitude at school! At times, I suffer from Impostor Syndrome - like when I was asked to create a diamond pendant for a Qatari Prince last year, or when I was asked to design and create a diamond ring for a football manager’s wife. It’s at times like these when I have to remind myself of what I do, how I do it and why it is at such an elevated level to what most other jewellers are offering.

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The 10 Reasons My Jewellery is World-Class

  1. Jewellery is a token to convey a special message, it always has been. The story behind every piece of jewellery I create has its unique message at its very core and in its very consciousness. My jewellery will convey everything you want it to.

  2. I care. Now, that might sound a bit Disney, but it’s true. I work for myself, not a large, faceless company. It matters that the pieces I create are absolute perfection. I want every piece I create to be more impressive than the last. I strive for flawless each and every time.

  3. Bespoke, world-class jewellery doesn’t cost more. Instead, more of your budget is spent on sparkle and brilliance and NOT on expensive marketing budgets, extravagant champagne or large staff wage bills. I don’t have those overheads. With me, your budget goes further and gets you more bling, more sparkle and more bang for your buck.

  4. My jewellery is tailored, made to fit perfectly, it is exclusive. It is unique.

  5. I create intimate jewellery for individuals, friends, and friends of friends - you are not a 'customer'.

  6. I judge a diamond by using my 25+ years of experience and NOT technical jargon or acronyms stated on a diamond report. I choose diamonds that would never be selected for a mass-produced piece of jewellery as they just simply wouldn’t make financial sense - they are too high quality for even high-end high street jewellery.

  7. Quality is everything, even if an untrained eye can't see, I can, and I will not compromise on your behalf. Ever.

  8. I detest all mass-produced high-street jewellery, especially average diamond engagement rings. No girl should ever have to settle for average when bespoke and world-class is an available alternative. I truly believe every girl should know how special it feels to have a piece of jewellery created just for her.

  9. I guarantee the quality of my jewellery for life. I can’t stop you from the day to day bumps and scratches, or accidents that cause damage - these are just things that happen in life to jewellery that is worn (and jewellery is designed and created to be worn!). But, I do guarantee your jewellery against faults for life. If you ever have any problems with a piece of jewellery I have made, I will ensure I resolve it for you.

  10. Each jewellery creation is destined for a specific person, an individual, a loved one. The jewellery I design and create is not put together for anyone to just buy off a shelf. Each piece has a heart, a soul, a story and a person behind it.