A Guaranteed 'Yes'

I've created a lot of engagement rings over many years. Dealt with a lot of guys. I am always interested about how he intends to propose. 

I've been collecting these tales for years. They are going in my book.  Should it be a 'How to' guide, or 'How not to'? I can't decide. The latter would funnier.

Some of us simply don't think.  

When men get it wrong we underestimate the significance of the event. Not just of 'how' we propose, but how we choose the ring. And of course the actual ring we present. 

I believe an engagement ring is the most important thing a guy will ever buy. It is life changing. A lasting and permanent reminder of asking a girl to spend the rest of her life with you. 

Yet most men spend more time and do more research before choosing their new car. 

Having collected hundreds of stories of guys who got it right, it doesn't take much more effort to get the proposal, and the ring, absolutely perfect. 

I know how to create engagement rings girls love at first sight. My plan with the book is to guarantee 'how' a guy asks becomes one of the memorable events in a girls life.   

Interesting proposal story? 

Contact me direct: chris@christopherstoner.com