Lying About Diamonds!

'Will she be able to tell the difference?'

'Yes, it's clearly not a diamond'

'It looks like a diamond to me'

'It won't after she's worn it for a week'

'I don't think she'll know'

'Maybe, but you will'

Pretending the engagement ring you are presenting is a diamond - when it's not - seems like a marker there could be problems ahead. I'm no expert on these things. 

She'd told him she had to have a 'big' diamond. He sister has a big diamond. Hers had to be as big. She knew he couldn't afford a 'big' diamond. I didn't warm to her. 

Hence the charade I found myself in. My role was somewhere in the middle. I was on a sticky wicket. 

It struck me. What if she took her 'diamond' ring to a different jeweller. 'Chris Stoner made this, what do you think?' she would ask proudly.

'Diamond ring? No love, it's not a diamond.'

I decided I didn't want to play anymore.  I called the guy up. Declined the work. He understood. 

I felt like asking him whether he was sure about getting engaged. Was he happy? Were they were perfectly suited? 

None of my business ultimately. 

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is serious business. As is choosing the perfect girl you are going to give it to!