What Goes Through a Guy's Mind When Buying an Engagement Ring?

I've been researching for years.

'What goes through a man's mind when buying an engagement ring?'

'Oh God' '

How much is this going to cost me?'

'I wonder what's for tea?'

'I hate being ripped off'

'All I want is for her to be happy'

'How come diamonds are so expensive?'

'That sales girl is quite fit'

'I wonder what's for tea'

'How much?'

'I really like that ring'

'Maybe I should just buy a watch'

'My God, that diamond is amazing'

'But, I've always wanted that watch!'

'She is worth it'

'Is she worth it?'

'I wonder what's for tea?'

'Oh God!'

The above is repeated until a decision is made.  Most guys of course are desperate to choose the perfect engagement ring. They want to present a ring that she will instantly fall in love with. 

The truth is that most of us are old romantics at heart.  The concerns, doubt and the fear of getting it wrong will always be there. As will questions about how much to spend. 

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