Hilarity On The BBC's Big Red Sofa...

....And how there are definite benefits to a man not having a wedding ring

It went a bit like this....

"Chris, can you get to Manchester?"

Maybe. Why?"

"The BBC want to interview you."

"Why me?"

"Someone told them you're an expert."

"Is this a joke?"

"Nope, national news on the big red sofa. Can you get there?"

"Ummmmm..... okay."

I didn't really have time to think about it. If I did, I probably would have said no.

I'd never been on TV before. National BBC news seemed like an odd place to make my debut.

I headed down to the BBC in Manchester. In the reception I bumped into an ex-footballer I know. He was filming for Match of the Day. He wished me good luck.

I was taken to 'make up'. I felt sweat trickle down my back.

During the weather forecast I was ushered on the sofa. It was me and the two presenters. I suddenly felt very calm.

The subject was how more men are choosing not to wear a wedding ring. Personally I've never worn a wedding ring.

'A jeweller who doesn't wear a wedding ring?' Charlie the presenter quipped. How the three of us laughed.

A client recently told me he would find it strange having to wear a wedding ring. I told him I don't wear one. Like Charlie, the BBC man, he also found that funny.

I then saw a light bulb go on in his head. He suggested to his fiance that this would be a good way of saving them money.

She saw things differently and added his ring budget to hers and got a diamond-set sparkler instead.

Clever girl.

I felt like my TV debut went okay. I didn't stumble over my words and I put on my poshest Bradford accent. 

I headed home, thinking that perhaps a small crowd might have gathered outside my home. Autograph hunters. Instead I was told to put the recycling out. Zero chance of TV stardom going to my head.