The Great Mysteries of Our Time

  • What is Dark Matter?
  • Do UFOs really exist?
  • How does Donald Trump do his hair?
  • John Travolta - straight or gay?
  • What to spend on an engagement ring? 

The greatest mysteries of our time.  

DeBeers said one month's salary. Some say three. I've made many engagement rings. Met thousands of guys - and most of the girls they've proposed to.  I know this - the engagement ring is the most important purchase of a man's life. Nothing else will change his life more. 

I've come to this conclusion:  Buying an engagement ring has to hurt.

Hurt the wallet. It also has to hurt his mind. 

The spend shows how serious he is. It proves to everyone the value of his decision. Under-valuing the significance of the engagement ring is a serious misjudgement.  And yet an expensive and poorly chosen ring is perhaps even more dangerous. 

Choosing the perfect engagement ring requires thought, research and consideration. 

The perfect engagement ring asks questions both of mind and bank account. 

For my money? Definitely gay.