Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice


We can't work it out. 

We parent her exactly the same as our other two. We certainly love her as much. 

"She's been here before!" is what the midwife said, just seconds after her traumatic birth. I laughed it off then. But now....

There are no big dramas with her brother and sister. Both easy-going kids with polite manners and a deferential air when in adult company. We used to be pretty smug about how our kids were turning out. Embarrass us in public? They wouldn't dare.

Then, Mabel arrived.

mabel 3.jpg

She is spiky, contrary, argumentative, strong, fierce and uncompromising, even when offered chocolate. She stamps her feet in the supermarket and talks to me like I'm an idiot on a daily basis. 

Astute kid, some might say!

My wife called out to her in the park earlier today and managed to combine "darlling" and "sweetie" and so, called her "STALIN!"


But, my youngest daughter is also beautiful, funny, warm and incredibly loving. She gives the best hugs and cries her heart out if people laugh at her, even if she has done something silly or funny. Her tough "this girl can" attitude hides a very sensitive little girl.

I love her to bits. This girl doesn't take any shit. She has both her grandmothers' strength, attitude and will power. 

One day, a very lucky man will fall in love with her. 

I hope I am asked to make her engagement ring. I hope I am able to hand-select the perfect diamond for her. A diamond so strong and so beautifully cut that it sparkles brighter than any other. A diamond that was formed in the earth's core millions of years ago and has been waiting for the right girl. A worthy girl. A girl who will change the world.

A girl who sparkles so bright, it is blinding.

That's what quality bespoke, world-class jewellery is all about.

I can't wait.