What You're Really Paying For And Why It Matters

"You're paying for it."
"How do you mean?"
"Well, how do you think they afford it?"
"I've not really thought about it."

I was speaking with a super guy. He is a warrior. A professional rugby player. Handy chap to know. Ugly ears though. I wouldn't tell him.

He was having difficulty. He couldn't understanding the cost difference between comparable diamond rings. The ring from a high profile business being far more expensive than the ring I was creating for him.

I listed the following....

Veuve Clicquot Champagne
Architect designed stores
Expensive brochures
Tennis & Events sponsorship
Plush packaging
TV advertising
Famous brand ambassadors
Highly trained sales people
Massive rents

"All this is added to the cost of their ring" I said.

The penny dropped.

Everybody loves special treatment. First Class though is really expensive. The extra margin required is huge.

Of course the person paying is the customer. It's us. It's added to the cost of the ring.

Deep down we all know this.

We are all adapting as customers. Quality is more important than ever. Outstanding service is a necessity.

More than ever what seems to be most important, regardless of First Class or No Frills, is value for money.