Diamond Colour, or Clarity?

It is an easy one.

I prefer perfectly colourless diamonds. Unless I can see unsightly inclusions. Without question then Clarity becomes more important.

Or does it? Can I even answer the question?

The question is loaded. A better question to ask would be ‘What Colour and What Clarity?’

The best question to ask is ‘How beautiful is the diamond?’

Personally, I want the diamonds I set into jewellery to be as beautiful as possible. I feel we pay our money in exchange for sparkle. Compromise for me is always on weight over quality.

We are all different. Some people want size and will happily trade sparkle.   

Buying the very best diamonds is a trade-off. It is a compromise. It is complicated, technical and time-consuming to correctly assess the relevant factors.

If you desire real beauty and value for money, it requires expert help. I never rush into buying a diamond. The inexperienced buyer should be extra careful.

Understanding diamond quality is challenging. This is true even for experts. I have spent over 20 years working with diamonds. I am still learning. It is easy to overlook important aspects that will affect the beauty of a diamond.

When I am choosing a diamond, I wear my ‘game face’. This is when I most focused. I can’t have distraction. I want my clients to wear the most beautiful diamonds, therefore I can’t afford to make mistakes. No aspect of the diamond can be overlooked.

People who are not as educated, or experienced, in buying diamonds are easy prey. The sharks and sales people know how to pick off the unsuspecting. Acronyms, scientific sounding jargon and official looking reports all help to confuse. I feel for most people buying diamonds from high street stores or even attempting to choose a quality diamond on-line.

So, Colour and Clarity, which is best?

Neither, and both is my answer.

Can a slightly tinted diamond still be spectacular? Absolutely.

Can a diamond with visible inclusions be beautiful? Unquestionably.

Can a colourless diamond with no inclusions be dull and lifeless? Yes.

Colour and Clarity are perhaps easier than other aspects of a diamond for the lay person to comprehend. Both are vital in determining the beauty of the gem. They are only part of the story though. A small part.

We must remind ourselves diamonds are about beauty, sparkle and romance. Not a piece of laminated paper with a few words written on it.

Beauty is paramount. Beauty always shines through. Beauty and sparkle are my priorities.