The Most Discernible Top Cat

Why Halifax’s Top Cat is a good reminder about what’s important when it comes to our jewellery design

Top Cat.jpg

There was an advert on TV recently. I had to speak to somebody about it. The kids were in bed. Sarah was out. I caught myself talking. To myself.  

Perhaps the second gin and tonic was excessive.    

I was trying to imagine the executives. Smart people. Highly paid. Top brass at the Halifax listening to the pitch from the ad agency.

'So, do you remember the cartoon Top Cat?'


'Well, for no apparent reason, other than nostalgia, we’ll put Top Cat in the new Halifax ads.'

'Genius, where do we sign'

Someone in that boardroom thought it would be a good idea. They have spent goodness knows how much on that advert. But, did they actually wonder whether people like you and me - potential customers - would get it? Did they consider us at all?

Because, I don’t know about you, but I simply don’t get it.

It was a good reminder for us about what’s important when it comes to our jewellery designs.

Design of course is subjective. Unlike adverts, Sarah and I are often asked our opinions on jewellery design. The easy thing would be give you our opinions.


But, it matters not what we believe looks beautiful.

It matters enormously what you think is beautiful.

You will be the one wearing your new jewellery, so an important part of what we do is to guide you to choose a design you love -

  • that will also work

  • that is also fit for purpose

  • that is as strong as it needs to be and yet as delicate and intricate as you want it to be.

It matters not whether Sarah or I prefer different shaped diamonds (find out more about diamond cut here), different settings, different precious metals (find out about gold v platinum here). It matters what you think. Our job is then to make sure we deliver your idea of beauty as fabulously, as expertly and as majestically as possible.

Our work is designing and creating perfect jewellery. Not for us, but for our clients.

The 'Mega Ring' I created is one most girls would never wear. It is though one I am very proud of. It was a huge challenge, both with design and manufacture. 

0102081 Mega angle.jpg

The ring is a piece of art. Not art for the masses. But the perfect work of art for the girl who commissioned me to make it.  

The Halifax commissioned the Top Cat adverts to persuade millions to bank with them.

Our aim is not as grand - we are not trying to please millions. We are instead, trying to wow, delight and thrill each and every client with the jewellery of their dreams, when each and every dream is different.

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