Motivated by Jesus

I was at a funeral yesterday in Scotland. The sister of my Grandma. She was a super fun-loving lady who lived life on her own terms. 

This joyful person was not apparent during the service.

The minister conducting the ceremony was a disgrace, ill-mannered, grumpy, bored. A bad representative of the Catholic church...or perhaps not. 

On the positive, I was inspired by an unexpected source: 

I have been following the Paleo diet for the last 3 weeks. I am surprised by how good I have felt. I have also been dropping body fat. My goal is find the abdominal muscles I haven't seen since my 20's.  I became distracted during the service. I decided not to listen anymore to the God-awful minister. 

'It's the obliques that define the abs' I said quietly.

'What are you talking about?' my wife hissed under her breath. She looked mad.

'The bits down his side of his abs.' I whispered back.

'There is something wrong with you!' she hissed.

In the stained glass at the front of the church was a picture of Jesus. He was on the cross. The artist who had painted him had given him great abs. Jesus was ripped. 

I felt truly motivated.