Become a Brillianteer!

I often lose track of time. I get totally lost in her. Staring at her sleeping. Arms and legs everywhere.

She is only 4.  

At this time of year her room is warm. She sleeps without her covers. I watch her. Sometimes I forget to breathe. She is more precious and beautiful than any diamond. 


And yet, growing up is hard. Her sparkle will inevitably be dulled by life.

There is no sparkle, fire or brilliance in diamonds to begin with. It is the passion and skill of the Diamond Polisher who is trusted to unleash the beauty within. 

And this is how I have come to my see my role as her father.  Knocks and life experience may, over time, dull Mabel's shine. But I will be there, ready to polish on her a new facet. To keep her sparkling. Allowing the world to appreciate her beauty and her inner beauty to dazzle and brighten everyone who meets her.

The name given to the person who polishes the final facets on to a diamond is a 'Brillianteer'. This is who releases the inner fire and brilliance. What an incredible job. 

And we can all do this job. We can all be Diamond Polishers.

We can all aspire to release the inner fire, brilliance and beauty in others.

We can all become Brillianteers.