Three Lions....


My wife has never watched a football game in her life. She can't stand football. 

Ahem. She 'couldn't' stand football. 

Over the last two weeks she has watched a lot of football. So much so she has become quite an expert. She is quite happy discussing VAR and the off-side rule, along with shouting profanity and insults at referees. She even commented last night how much she likes Stone Island clothes. 

Our children are suddenly very wary of her. She's changed. 

Maybe we are all changing.

I believe we can win the world cup. I've never felt like that before. 

I woke up thinking about our American sporting cousins. Those lucky enough to win a Superbowl are presented with a rather grotesque commemorative ring. 

I felt I could design something a little more refined. 

My commemorative St George Cross and Three Lion Signet Ring. 

Bring it home boys.