The Wolf of Bond Street

Does the 'bell ringing' Jordan Belfort type selling still have it's place?   

'I f***ing hate pushy sales people' the guy said to me yesterday 'they were offering me discount as I walked out the door in one store'. 

He'd spent Saturday afternoon engagement ring shopping in Leeds. He was still angry. I let him vent.  An engagement ring should be one of the most exciting, life-changing purchases of a man's life. Instead this was a very unpleasant experience. 

His story is too common.

Sales, for both seller and buyer, is frequently uncomfortable.

I don't see this continuing. Fundamental changes are occurring. The high street is being decimated. 

Successful businesses today are intently focused on sales. The difference now is they are asking their people to find out what they can 'do' for their customers. Not how much can they 'get' from their customers. 

Most business leaders have taken down the 'Sales Bell'. They realised the bell ringing made the sales person into the hero. This is wrong. The customer should be the hero. The sales person should be the guide. 

A few have kept the bell fitted to the wall. They will have to remove it soon though, otherwise it will be taken down for them.