Random Act of Kindness

The Roman baths are where poor men mixed with senators. Being naked was the ultimate leveller. 

The modern equivalent of bath houses are budget airlines.  The Jet2 flight to Malaga or Faro is where the wealthy have no choice but to mingle with the undesirables. It can be entertaining watching as these worlds collide. 

The guy is superbly successful by any measure. He was in his finery after a meeting. Waiting for his flight. Budget airline. Unavoidable nowadays. 

Four heavily tattooed Leeds fans were in the queue in front. They were well oiled. Loud. Brash. Sweary.  Behind him an older lady. She'd lived a tough life. Heavy smoker. 

He was sandwiched between people far removed from his day to day life. 

He sat down on the shuttle bus. The lads were stood joking around. The lady struggled on with her bag. He stood without thinking and offered the lady his seat. 

A smile broke out across her face. The hard lines softened. She accepted. The lads stopped talking. One of them slapped him on the back and said how good it was that 'chivalry isn't dead'.  

The unlikely bunch chatted all the way to the plane. Upon landing they each said goodbye. A weird bond formed. 

Remove the trappings and we are more alike than we think. 

Best not to fly naked though.