Beauty - It Always Should Be In The Eye of The Beholder

I am cautious when asked 'So what do you think?' Beauty is subjective.

That is a good thing. It allows ugly people to find love. 

Billy Connolly once said 'Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes right to the bone'. 

So what do I think? This ring is a recent commission. Bombe style set with a central blue diamond, white diamonds and emeralds. Created in platinum and yellow gold this ring would not appeal to many. My client however enjoys unusual things.

This ring is certainly different.  I want each piece of jewellery I create to be beautiful. I want it to be admired, enjoyed, loved and appreciated - by an audience of one. My client. 

My focus and skill is creating my client's perfect design. Not mine.  The only thing I have complete control over is quality. And this is not subjective. Quality is defined. Quality is attention to detail. Quality can be touched.  Of course we can argue about beauty. We'd both be right.   I can't appreciate the beauty of every piece I design. What I can fall deeply in love with is quality.

Quality will always shine through.