Bespoke Is Best

I am not trendy. Never have been. I quite admire men who are. It's not me though.

I picked a style many years I felt comfortable with. White shirt. Blue jacket. Blue jeans or chinos. Brown shoes. I don't have to think about what to wear every day for work. 

My only interest when it comes to fashion is shoes. I like shoes. I wear red laces in my all shoes. It's my 'thing'.  

This week I met Simon Bourne. Simon owns a company called the Hand Dyed Shoe Company. Simon creates super stylish bespoke shoes. You can personalise them with your preferred colour and style.  

Speaking with Simon highlighted to me how important bespoke and unique products are.

I think every girl should know how it special feels to have a piece of jewellery made just for her. Every man should know how extraordinary it feels to present a unique piece of jewellery.

The bespoke route is not for everybody.

Those who venture down the path very rarely go back to ordinary however.