The Brillianteers

They could never be described as 'special'. There is no beauty. The surface is rough. Most would walk by without a second glance.


Yet there are people who see more. They see past the surface. They see deep inside. They see the spectacular all others miss. 

The Diamond Polisher views a rough diamond and sees potential. He imagines beauty where there is none. 

With each facet the Diamond Polisher creates a small window. These windows start to allow others to see a hidden beauty trapped deep inside. 

The Diamond Polisher unleashes fire and brilliance. 

And yet there is somebody perhaps more important than the Diamond Polisher. These people will ultimately determine the value of the diamond. These people are rare. They are experienced. They are exceptional. They have skills that set them apart. 

These are The Brillianteers. 

The Brillianteer polishes the final facets on to the gem. He adds to the work of the Diamond Polisher. He tweaks. He modifies. He improves. He is the creator of the masterpiece. He completes the diamond. 

In a sense we can all be 'Diamond Polishers'. This involves truly looking for the beauty within others. Seeing past the often rough exterior. Our goal should be to polish a facet onto them. Adding a window so their inner brilliance can be appreciated. 

Remember of course windows can also act as mirrors. The window you add to others will reflect their light onto you, making you shine brighter. 

To become a Brillianteer requires more. It requires time. Serious effort. Guidance. Skill. Patience. Months. Years perhaps. Not everyone is cut out to a Brillianteer.

We can however see the brilliance in everyone. We should do all we can to unleash it for others to appreciate.