Other People's Kids

It was hard to avoid them. The obligatory new school pictures. I refrained. After a long 6 weeks I barely want to see my own kids. I have zero interest in the offspring of people I barely know.

I jest. It was lovely. How super to see those little smiling faces.

I was thinking how dreadful my school was. It was chaos. Grange Hill was like a fly-on-the-wall documentary.

I was tiny and shy when I arrived at big school. One of my teachers was only 5". I looked up to her.

Whilst eating lunch on my first day a man came up to me. I say a man because that is what he was. He was 16 and towered above me. He'd obviously cleared puberty several years earlier. He was a bully.

What he said to me is tattooed inside my head. 'Somebody tells me you want me a fight. I'm gonna get you after school.' I cried. I cried in my lessons after lunch. I ran home. Fast.

The thing I couldn't understand is why this big boy would want to get me. I hadn't done anything to him.

He never did get me. What he did do was terrify me. I think that was his intention.

I know the guys name. I've never bumped into him since. I'm sure he's probably a decent guy now.

My son had a brilliant first day at senior school yesterday.

No bullying. That made me very happy.