What Should You Spend on An Engagement Ring?

…Or, why buying an engagement ring should hurt!


You might think that an unusual comment.

Hurt? We go through life trying to minimise pain, don’t we. We are creatures who enjoy a level of comfort, so why would I, a jeweller with almost 30 years’ experience recommend that when you start the process of buying of an engagement ring it should be painful?

Why should buying an engagement ring have to hurt?

Evolution is the answer, and we are hardly unique. All through the animal kingdom boys strut about, growl, scrap, bite and knock ten bells of shit out of each other to prove to the girl that he is the right one. The girl needs to know we are capable of handling ourselves. Of looking after her and her babies. And most importantly, that we are prepared to hurt in our fight to prove that we are a worthy mate.

Now, I admit, things have moved on. We are more civilised. Whilst we don't duff each other up as much, the evolutionary principal - when it comes to proving our worthiness - remains.

It needs to hurt your head, your heart and your wallet

My fellow men, ignore me at your peril. When choosing and buying an engagement ring, make sure it hurts you. It needs to hurt your head, your heart, and your wallet. More than anything, she has to know it sodding hurt. She needs to know you've suffered, that you have gone through pain for her. Play it easy my friend, put in no effort and do it on the cheap, and you are destined for failure.

You are messing with millions of years of evolution.

You won't win.

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