How much does a Valuation cost?

The honest answer is, it depends on who is doing the valuation.

Jewellers charge a whole range of prices to complete valuations. Commonly the charge is either based on a percentage of the total value, or a set cost per item.

I’ve always found the ‘percentage’ charge rather ambiguous. Not only do you have no idea how much you will be charged, I also feel it can lead to jewellery being overvalued. The higher the value, the higher the charge. We'd all like to write our own checks!

The charge on a per item basis ranges also, depending on the jeweller. At least with this charging structure you know the total cost of the valuation. If the jeweller charges £75 per item and you have 3 items, do the math, as our American cousins would say.

More important than cost though is the quality and content of the valuation schedule. A poorly produced valuation with very little detail will be poor value for money, no matter what the cost.

Personally, for the exclusive same-day valuation service we offer, our charge is £65 per item. This includes cleaning, assessment, testing, photographing, full and detailed description, weights and measurements and a professionally produced Valuation Schedule accepted by all insurers. I also register all valuations on-line with the Guild of Valuers secure platform, giving access to your insurer and the police if needed.

Excellent value to ensure your insurance cover is correct I think.