Over Half of British Women Believe That Men Should Wear Engagement Rings

An article came out today that states that over half of British women believe that men should wear engagements rings. 32% of men agreed.

The other fact that jumped out at me was that 42% of the men questioned believe that women should be equally responsible for dropping to one knee and asking that all important, life-changing question.

It reminded me of a conversation I had earlier this week with my two daughters. There was something on the radio about marriage proposals - I can’t remember the exact details, I was picking them up from school and trying to listen to the two of them speaking at the same time, whilst negotiating the busy school car park.

conversations with my daughters

I do know that it started with Martha (aged 10) asking “how did you propose to Mummy? Were you at school?”

“No, darling, we weren’t at school. It was many years after we’d finished school.”

Mabel (aged 5) then pipes up, “Did you kneel down?”

“Yes, darling, I got down on one knee.”

“Just one knee?” she laughs, like I am an idiot.

“Yes!” I am strangely piqued by her mockery. “That’s how you’re supposed to do it. You don’t just get on to your knees.”

“Did you then open the box and tell her you love her?” asks Martha, she is all dreamy and unnecessary.

“Well, yes. I did.”

“Can girls ask men to marry them?” she asks. Mabel is still giggling about the one knee thing.

“Yes. In fact your auntie Liz (not a real auntie, just mummy’s best friend) asked uncle Danny to marry her.”

“REALLY?” Martha is yelping with excitement, her face alive with possibility and I am suddenly quite scared for the two boys she ‘likes’ at school.

I am not a traditionalist. I know times move on and things change and I am all for women taking the driving seat and proposing marriage. I am not sure how I feel about men’s engagement rings though. I don’t even wear a wedding ring, so an engagement ring for me personally, would be out of the question.

Let’s see if the article brings any men out the woodwork who would like a bit of bling to tell the world they’re spoken for.