Conversations with a 5-year old

Wifey sings in a band.

Middle daughter sings all the time to the point where it drives us all a little mad.

Archie can sing but chooses not to. I can't sing, not really, but I love having a go.

Mabel loves music. She can get lost in it. And, it's not just the melody or the beat. She properly listens to the lyrics. I don't think this is normal for a 5-year old! Every song has a story and Mabel wants to know the story behind every song. And even if there is no story, I am expected to try and figure one out!

"So she hurt him?"

"No, he's already been hurt by someone else, so he's asking her to be patient with him."

"But he loves her?"

"Well, I think so, yes."

"But, why is his heart numb and got no feeling?"

"Because he's been hurt."

"Can't she give him a plaster?"

"It doesn't really work like that. Someone broke his heart so he's scared of loving someone again."

"She sounds mean!"

"Well, maybe she was, maybe that's why he's asking the lady to be patient with him, because his heart hurts."

"She should open him up and get his heart and just kiss it better!"

Do you sometimes feel like the only thing to do is pour a large gin?