Are Lab-Grown Diamonds An Eco Alternative To The Real Deal?

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds a Viable Eco Alternative?

Lab-grown diamonds are slowly but steadily becoming a real threat to the existing diamond industry. An industry, historically built on the suffering of both the boys and men who work the mines as well as ecological devastation to habitats and species around the globe.

In recent years, there have been massive improvements in the industry and many jewellers now only use diamonds that adhere to the Kimberley process. In short, a tracking system to guarantee that diamonds are not being sold illegally to fund wars, arms and despot dictators.

Despite this, the natural diamond mining process is still hugely destructive to the environment. The industry is controlled by just a few massive companies and diamonds are incredibly expensive.


What if scientists discovered how to create real diamonds in laboratories.

  • What if there was little or no ethical, ecological and environmental impact?

  • What if these diamonds were real diamonds?

  • What if the most experienced diamond-graders were unable to tell the difference?

  • What if the only difference was source - the ground or the lab?

  • What if the cost of lab-grown diamonds were around half the price of mined diamonds?

Right now actual, indistinguishable diamonds can now be created, and they offer a very real alternative to those concerned by the effects of diamond mining.

A lab-grown diamond is a real diamond with ethical, environmental and financial conscience.

Lab-grown diamonds are not for everyone. Some will continue to want diamonds mined from the ground. But, for those concerned about the ecological, ethical and environmental impact of mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are a very interesting option. They’re also around 50% cheaper!

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