Maybe you have inherited jewellery that's not to your taste. Or perhaps you have fallen out of love with your old jewellery or it is in need of repair and restoration. Whatever the reason, you may wish to re-design your existing jewellery into something you truly love. 

The burning question for many people who are considering to re-design their existing jewellery is “how much will it cost?”

A politician's answer would be vague and state that there is a wide price range, which depends on many factors! But, this doesn't answer the question does it? We want to shed light on this for you ... so here it goes.

The Factors Affecting the Cost

Yes, there is a wide price range but 5 factors can affect the cost of re-designing your jewellery:

1. The complexity of the jewellery design. It could range from a simple restoration of the existing piece, which could be relatively inexpensive. Or you may wish to transform your jewellery into something completely new. The choice is yours but this will inevitably dictate the price.

2. Whether additional diamonds or gemstones are required. If you simply wish to use your existing gemstones then this will minimise the cost involved in re-designing your jewellery. Irrespective of the cost you may wish to incorporate your existing diamonds or gemstones into the new piece of jewellery if your existing items are particularly sentimental.

3. The need for additional precious metal. Depending on whether it is possible to re-use the precious metals in your existing jewellery, this can affect the cost of the re-design. It is always best to discuss this option with your Jeweller.

4. Your budget. It is often seen as a taboo word. However, it shouldn’t be seen this way. It simply allows a Jeweller to focus the re-design options around your desired price range.

5. Selling your existing jewellery. If you’re not necessarily emotionally attached to your existing jewellery you could consider selling the items and use the proceeds towards designing and creating a new beautiful masterpiece.

I just want to know a price

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to know the hard facts and figures, the starting price for re-designing your jewellery tends to be around £500. Every jewellery re-design is special and unique, making it difficult to provide generic prices. As you can see, there are various factors which can affect the price of re-designing your existing jewellery. To get a more accurate price it is always best to visit your trusted Jeweller and ask for a free no-obligation quote, helping you decide whether re-designing your jewellery is the right route for you.