Your Jeweller's Guide To Summer

Your Jeweller’s Guide To Summer

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Holidays can be enormous fun. For many of us, it is the highlight of our year. Something to look forward to. Something we work hard to achieve.

For our jewellery, however, it can be a treacherous time. Abrasive sand particles and thick, gloopy sun cream are not indicative to clean, bright and sparkly jewellery. Beautiful turquoise seas are possibly the worst places to wear our favourite jewellery and activity holidays? Well, I’m having heart palpitations just thinking about the potential damage.

Luckily, I am a very helpful jeweller and have put together a guide to keeping your jewellery beautiful and safe.


Sun and sand are not good for your jewellery. Tiny grains of sand can work their way into settings and eventually cause damage. The sea itself is a worry, as cold water can make skin slippy and fingers shrink and finding a lost ring at the bottom of an ocean is never going to be easy!

My first recommendation, would be to NOT take your treasured jewellery to the beach at all. However, this comes with a caveat that you have somewhere secure and safe to keep it. If you don’t, then wearing your jewellery is always the safest place for it.

If you have to wear your jewellery then:

  • Consider putting a small hairband or plaster as a barrier above or on top of your ring so it cannot fall off in the sea. There are special ring “skins” available online - do your research and check what you’re buying is fit for purpose and always read reviews before purchasing.

  • Once you have returned to your accommodation, remove your jewellery and carefully wash it with a soft toothbrush and some warm bubbly water. This will help remove any small or salt particles that are nestled within the settings. (Ready my top tips for keeping diamond jewellery clean HERE)

  • Consider wearing rings on a chain around your neck. They will still come into contact with sun cream, but it should help reduce the amount that gets rubbed into your settings as you apply cream every few hours with your hands.


Home from home for a week or two. The problem is that as we relax on holiday, our normal routines can kick in automatically. Taking your jewellery off and just leaving it at the side of the bed, for example, as you might do at home….. Leaving your rings in the bathroom forgetting about them for a few hours…. Putting your jewellery in the bedside table.

You get the picture.

Habits that we are safe and comfortable in at home, that have never caused us any worry, but which might cause a whole load of problems in a holiday environment.

Many hotels have safes. Many self-catering apartments and villas have safes too. Be vigilant with your jewellery and where you are leaving it. Your insurance policy may not cover you if you have not looked after your jewellery with sufficient care and attention.


Insurance. It’s a bug bear of mine. A bee in my proverbial bonnet.

Every week I am asked to help out with an insurance claim. A genuine claim that my client is having to jump through hoops to get even a sniff of a claim reward.

If you have jewellery you would want to be compensated for or replace should it get lost, stolen or damaged, then you need a good quality insurance policy. (High street insurance companies, in my experience are not the right policies for anyone who has bespoke jewellery.. See previous blog posts HERE and articles HERE to find out why)

Check your insurance policy and your travel insurance policy thoroughly to find out what you are covered for and what is detailed in all that small print. If you’re unsure, call them and ask specifically what would happen should you lose or damage an item whilst on holiday. Make sure you know where they expect you to store your jewellery whilst abroad and what the exclusions are. Being forewarned is being forearmed.


When you’re back home again, I would recommend you take your jewellery to a good quality local jeweller for a professional clean and polish. Any tiny grains of sand or sticky sun cream that are lodged in intricate settings or dulling the sparkle of your diamonds will be cleaned out and your jewellery will look like new again.