What Goes Into A Rolex Sub Service?

Rolex Sub.jpeg

So, what actually goes into a full watch service? It is a slightly different process for each make and model, but here is a Rolex Submariner service broken down for you:

  1. When we service a Rolex Submariner each of the 53 (depending on age) major parts of the movement are disassembled by hand. This takes several hours.

  2. The pieces are placed into a super expensive machine that gently strips them of impurities, grease and grime.

  3. Once totally dry the parts are oiled and re-assembled. To the untrained eye this is the most complicated and tiny 3-dimensional jigsaw you have ever seen.

It’s a sad fact really that you can't appreciate the care we take of the inside of your watch. It is unseen.

Thankfully you can see the results of stage 4: When we achieve an extraordinary finish on the case and bracelet and it is returned to you looking almost like new.

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