The Day I Almost Lost Mum's Aquamarine


This is a jewellery story of love, loss and restoration.

Everyone’s jewellery transformation journey is special and unique. This client’s heart warming story is no exception. It is a reminder that jewellery is precious and sometimes requires some tender, love and care to restore it to its original glory. Jewellery over time can become weak and fragile.

Cherished jewellery inherited from a loved one is no exception to this. Here is Linda’s story who found out how fragile her mum’s ring was the hard way.

An unshakable bond between mother and daughter

Linda was incredibly close to her mum, they shared everything together. In fact, Linda often said her mum was her best friend - her confidant. She told her everything. She would even turn to her mum for advice rather than her husband.

Growing up, Linda always admired her mum’s dazzling aquamarine engagement ring. Her mum would safely put her ring in the jewellery drawer every evening and Linda would sneak into her room and secretly try it on. She hoped one day she would be lucky enough to be given a beautiful ring just like this.

A lasting memory of mum

When Linda inherited her late mum’s beautiful aquamarine ring it become her most treasured possession. She felt wearing this special ring allowed her to be close to her dear mum. This ring symbolised so much more than a piece of jewellery to Linda. It represented love, loss and just how important her mum was to her. Linda even replaced her own engagement ring with her mum’s special ring.

Nearly losing mum’s Aquamarine

Every morning since her mum’s passing, Linda would open the jewellery draw and carefully place this very special aquamarine ring on her engagement finger. She would look down at the ring and say “I love you mum”.

One particular day, Linda was rushing from work to the supermarket and she heard “ Excuse me, Excuse me, Excuse me…. “. Linda felt so flustered she didn’t hear the gentleman call out to her. The gentleman tapped her on the shoulder and said:

I’m so sorry to bother you but I think this belongs to you…. “

Linda initially thought it was a salesman but as she turned around to look at him she noticed he was holding a turquoise stone. It looked really similar to the beautiful aquamarine in her mum’s ring. She looked down at her mum’s ring and her heart sank - her mum’s aquamarine was missing. How could this happen? Linda panicked and went straight home. Almost losing her mum’s precious aquamarine had shaken her.

What if she had lost it? It was irreplaceable. It was her connection to her mum.

What do I do now?

Linda wasn’t sure what to do with her mum’s ring now. All she knew was that she felt she had betrayed her mum by almost losing this sentimental and cherished stone. She didn’t want to risk this again. After speaking with her brother, he suggested speaking to a Jeweller he and his wife had been going to for years, Chris Stoner.

Linda was almost in tears when she recounted the incident to Chris.

“I want to be able to wear the ring again and feel close to mum but I’m scared of the stone falling out again.”

As the ring was over 60 years old, Linda had not realised that two of the claws holding the aquamarine in place had broken.

Can it be repaired?

Chris reassured Linda that many older, cherished pieces simply need to be sympathetically restored. Not only had two claws on Linda’s mum’s ring broken but the other claws were almost non-existent as they had worn way over the years. To restore this beautiful and cherished ring to its original beauty, Chris suggested setting Linda’s mum’s aquamarine in a new setting.

Lind’a first reaction was:

“Will mum’s ring look different? I don’t want to change anything about mum’s ring. It is perfect just the way it is”.

Restore it with love or leave it in the jewellery drawer?

After meeting with Chris, Linda went away to think about what to do next. Should she simply put her mum’s loose aquamarine away safely in the jewellery drawer? Or should she consider restoring this special ring to its former glory and continue celebrating the love she had for her mum by continuing to wear it everyday?

This was not any easy decision for Linda and she thought about it carefully over the next two weeks.

The one feeling Linda couldn’t shake off was one of loss. She missed looking down at her engagement ring finger and seeing her mum’s strikingly beautiful ring. She missed the closeness she felt to her mum when she was wearing this truly symbolic ring.

This was her answer - she needed to restore this precious piece of jewellery to ensure she could wear it with love, whilst making sure there was no risk of the aquamarine falling out again.

The moral of the story

Linda was fortunate not to lose this precious and irreplaceable gemstone. It is so important to ask your trusted Jeweller to check the claws and settings in your jewellery once a year. Jewellery, particularly with older and cherished pieces, sometimes just need some love, care and restoration.