Your Inherited Jewellery - How To Cherish The Memories


You have Granny’s, Mum’s or Dad’s special and cherished jewellery sat in a jewellery box or in a safe. You love what the jewellery symbolises but it is too old, fragile or doesn’t necessarily reflect you and your tastes or style. But what are your options for cherishing the memories? The decision to gently restore or transform your cherished jewellery is extremely personal, emotional and unique to you. But here are three special ways of keeping the stories alive.


You may not want to change anything about your loved one’s jewellery. This is absolutely your choice. Perhaps you feel guilty about restoring or transforming your cherished jewellery. Or you may wish to cherish the memories by passing your inherited jewellery on to the next generation in exactly the same condition you received them in.

 If you decide you would love to cherish the memories by wearing this special jewellery It is important to ensure that any diamonds or gemstones are secure. As with all jewellery, over time precious stones may become loose due to natural wear and tear.

 It is wise to ask a trusted Jeweller to check the settings in your cherished jewellery to ensure all diamonds and gemstones are safe and secure. The last thing you want is to potentially lose one of these irreplaceable stones.


 You love what your inherited jewellery symbolises but it may be too old or fragile to wear. Gentle and sympathetic restoration of your special jewellery might be the perfect solution to cherishing the memories and keeping the stories alive. It is a fabulous way of bringing your loved one’s jewellery back to life . You can rest assured that these special memories can then be safely passed on to the next generation.

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You love the special memories attached to your inherited jewellery but perhaps it doesn’t reflect you, your style or your tastes. Transforming your inherited jewellery into new creations which reflect you and cherish the memories of your loved one might be the answer.

Rather than keeping Granny’s, Mum’s or Dad’s jewellery locked away you may want to celebrate and cherish the special memories by wearing them everyday. Perhaps the jewellery can’t be worn in its current condition as it doesn’t complement your existing jewellery. Perhaps they are simply too old fashioned. You might have a number of Granny’s pieces of jewellery which you would love transforming into one special creation. You could use the precious gemstones and metal from cherished jewellery and transform them into a special masterpiece, which can be passed on for generations to come.

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It’s your choice, it’s your reflection, they are your cherished stories and memories.  

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